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Can bone health be glamorous?

At first glance bone health and bone density doesn't seem a very glamorous subject. It brings to mind sense of fragility and ageing when we we much prefer to talk about anti-ageing face creams and cosmetic surgery.

But the truth is that there is nothing glamorous a bent-over spine caused by Osteoporotic wedge fracture or a limp caused by a joint replacement subsequent to a hip fracture, and all the facial treatments and cosmetic procedures will not fixe that.

We prefer to think about how to look young for as long as possible and that's fine. I'm also interested in creams and facial treatments t look as good as possible for my age.

The shocking truth is that our faces may look five or ten years younger than our actual age but our bones will be our true age, and again and again women tell me that they did not realise that they had to actively work on maintaining their bone density from before the menopause. No one had told them. No one had given them the tools to work with so they could spare themselves changes in their posture due to vertebral collapse or fractures due to falls, resulting in discomfort and disability.

Exercising to maintaining mobility and strength throughout our lives, eating well and looking after our emotional and mental health is paramount to how we will look as we enter middle age and beyond and it's never to late to start.

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