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Inspiring the women of the Women's Institute.

Updated: Mar 18, 2018

I was recently invited to speak to the Women's Institute in Wivenhoe and I jumped at the opportunity to speak to them about what women can do to maintain their bone density, strength and stability as we get older. It was a full house and I was overwhelmed and pleased that so many women wanted to come and hear me speak about the subject I'm so passionate about.

I told them about what women, particularly, older women can do to maintain their bone health and density such as nutrition, supplements, medication activities and the types of exercises women need to do to maintain their bone health and general health. I outlined some of the latest evidence and guidelines regarding nutrition and exercises and hopefully inspired them to increase the amount of exercise they take.

As this was a mainly older age group, I also spoke about the need to maintain good balance and stability in order to prevent trips and falls, and I then got them on their feet and we did a few strengthening and balance exercises together that they will hopefully keep doing at home.

They were a very receptive audience and obviously thirsty for information about what more they can do to help themselves as they had lots of questions for me and my talk went over time but no-one seemed to mind and after the talk more women came up to me for a chat and more private questions.

It was a really successful evening I really felt I connected with these fabulous and smart women and that they appreciated my enthusiasm and felt inspired to make changes, however small, to maintain or even improve not only their bone health but general health and wellbeing.

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