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Looking good on the outside AND the inside.

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

We spend huge amount of time, effort and money on looking good; we love trying out anti-ageing treatments, we scour the internet for the latest thing that will make us feel and look good (and youthful) Looking good is important to most women and I'm no different. I'm a sucker for anything anti-ageing and have tried lots of different treatments and potions and lotions, but what we tend to forget because we can't see it, is that our bones are continuing age and the thing that age women more than anything is their posture and how they carry their body.

There's nothing 'sexy' or youthful about a hunched posture caused by an Osteoporotic spinal fracture or a limp caused by a fall related hip replacement.

It's people's physicality and posture; how they move their body, the ease with which they move, their flexibility and strength which makes them look youthful or older than their years.

You might wonder why I'm singling women out and not concentrating on both men and women, but sadly, the ageing process is much crueller for women as they lose muscle strength and bone density much more dramatically then men and are at much higher risk of falls, fractures and deformity as they age.

I discuss this in more detail in my blog post about Osteoporosis, but what it boils down to is that from around the menopause women's bones become weaker and more fragile, hugely increasing the risk of deformity and fractures. Muscle tissue is also affected, causing women to become weaker, their posture changes and there's an increased risk of women becoming less stable so balance may be affected.

But all isn't lost, there is a lot women can do to stop or even reverse this process, but it takes as much effort, time and dedication as looking good on the outside, but the difference is that it won't just make you look and feel good, but it can ultimately safe your life as hip fractures are a devastatingly real cause of death for a older women .

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