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Spring is around the corner.

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

This March, certainly here in the UK, has been a confusing month. One minute it’s sunny and you can almost convince yourself that you can smell spring in the air but next day you wish you’d choses your ‘big’ scarf to wrap around your neck to ward off bitter northerly chill.

March is a transitional months, rather like middle age; we're neither very young nor old yet; some days we feel young and energetic and our bodies feel supple and invincible, but other days we feel stiff and slow and have lower energy.

But March is also a month of hope; spring is around the corner and just like March we start preparing our bodies and our minds for spring. Perhaps we've spent too long indoors during the long winter, eating and drinking foods that are not so good for us, maybe we haven’t exercises enough, our skin may be dehydrated and dry from central heating and being beaten by cold wind and rain.

Like middle age, March is a useful month to start paying more attention to ourselves. As the days lengthen, there will be more time to get outside and exercises. We start to choose lighter foods, introduce more vegetables and fruits, and reducing the wintery comfort foods.

When preparing for spring (and eventually summer-lets hope) when our skin will be on show more after being hidden through the winter, I like to concentrate on nutrients that nurture my skin and I make sure I get enough Omega 3 and 6 in my diet such as hempseed oil and organic cold pressed olive oil, seeds and nuts, avocados and oily fish if you eat fish.

We now know that gut health is the corner stone to our general health and I feel that Probiotics would be really helpful at this time of the year, especially as our digestion may have become sluggish during the winter due to heavier foods and less exercise.

Like March, middle age is a glorious time; it might have its up and downs physically and emotionally, but it's a period where, perhaps for the first time in our lives, we can concentrate on ourselves. Lets celebrate this time by really looking after ourselves so that we can move into spring feeling and looking our best.

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