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Strength training for women

Updated: Jan 7, 2018

Women are often unduly scared of weight or resistance training as they think they will become 'too muscular' or 'when I stop it will all turn to fat agin'. Thankfully, both of these beliefs are myths and in fact, training with weights or resistance bands is the single most effective way to improve muscle, ligament and tendon strength and therefore bone strength. I'll now explain how that happens.

Our muscles, tendons and ligaments are attached to our bones and their function is to move our joints, allowing us to move. During weight/resistance training the muscles will pull on the bony attachment, causing that part of the bone to become denser. This is particularly important around the wrists, shoulders, hips and back which are the areas that women tend to fracture the most in later years.

As for getting 'too muscular'; that is virtually impossible for women as we don't produce enough Testosterone as men and therefore can't build as much muscle tissue as men.

So, my advice is, let go of any fears you may have and add weight or resistance training to your fitness routine.

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