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Time to reflect on dreams and wishes

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

What a strange time we’re living in, a global pandemic straight out of a horror movie, but there's no Jodie Foster or Daniel Craig to sort it out in the last fifteen minutes, giving us a glowing warm feeling, phew that was a close call. No, this is for real and the sorrow and the fear will continue for some time longer, making our lives feel more like enduring than truly living.

Besides being cut off from friends, family and our usual social events, we are cut off from our work and that can leave us feeling empty, rudderless and without a focus.

Myself, I'm missing my work more than I ever imagined possible, treating my patients gives me immense joy, helping them feel better is rewarding, sometimes challenging, but every day I learn something new about my work and about people, and grow as a practitioner and a person.

These last few days I’ve been feeling hollow and fragile, not having a structure to my day and uncertain future has left me feeling unsettled, but it’s also freed up time for me to really think about things.

This time has allowed me to reflect on where I’m at in my life: I've reached middle age without giving it much thought, but now I have been gifted the opportunity to pause and reflect and really think deeply about how I want the spend the second half of my life. Is there anything I want to change? Is there anything I’ve always wanted to do but been too scared to do?

Us women have multiple roles, not only working in our chosen profession, but working in the home, caring for family and friends, often spending huge energy and time helping others, leaving precious little time for ourselves; to listen to our own inner voice, exploring our dreams and wishes which may have been neglected for years.

Let's use this time to listen to ourselves, reflect on ourselves and how we want our lives to be and when this time of sadness and uncertainty passes we will emerge stronger and better connected to ourselves.

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